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It is written and said that the said that the word Cajidiocan refers to “a place where there is abundance of jidioc trees. Jidioc in the dialect means palm or irok in the Visayan. Cajidiocan was formally made the seat of government in the island when Commonwealth Act 581 was passed on July 1, 1940. It reorganized Romblon province into 4 special municipalities which included Tablas, Romblon, Maghali and Sibuyan.

The total land area of Cajidiocan is 16.4 sq. m. The hilly and mountainous terrain of Cajidiocan represents 60 % of its total land area and extends on the western side towards Mt. Guiting-Guiting range. On the eastern are coastal plains abutting Sibuyan Sea. It has narrow strips of coastal lowland, Hills, and plains with thick forests. The soil in Cajidiocan is composed of Laylay sandy clay loam, hydrosol, and mountain soil.

Cajidiocan is one of the three municipalities in the mango-shaped Sibuyan Island. It is bounded on the north by Magdiwang, on the east by Sibuyan Sea, south by San Fernando and on the west by Mt. Guiting-Guiting. The municipality houses the majestic Mt. Guiting-Guiting, which was proclaimed by former President Ramos as a National Park under Proclamation No. 746 on February 20, 1996. Being a National Park, it is classified as a Protected Area and shall be conserved and strictly protected under NIPAS Act.


The crashing of waters from the falls give the tourist a peaceful and the perfect vacation..

CAWA-CAWA FALLS – Is a kettle-shaped pool carved from solid rock by the cascading waters is located deep within the forest of Lumbang Este. It teems with native river shrimp called Uyang.

ALIBAGON BEACH – A small crescent of white sandy beach ideal for swimming and picnic, sail boat riding and mountain hiking.

LITTLE BAGUIO FALLS – Take a break from outside pressure and feel the crash of the crystal cool water from the waterfalls, surrounded by boulders and trees which provides shades to visitors. It is about four kilometers from Poblacion.